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Mica Books

Journeys: Warren, Skablund, Machala
Kristie Atwood

Set of three books
Mixed Media
Mica, personal photos, found objects
Single needle coptic stitch

These three books have been created in honor of my family’s journeys. The first, “Warren” is about my paternal grandfather’s time in the South Pacific during W.W.II.  It is a subject I have turned to several times.  He left a journal behind that he wrote during the time and it creates endless possibilities. He passed when I was nine but I feel a true closeness to him and gratitude that he played a part in my life.

The second, “Skablund” represents my maternal great grandfather’s journey from Denmark as a boy with his family to Logan Utah, and a bit of history leading to the birth of my mother, who can be seen at the end of the book.  When I think of all that came after for that little girl and her curly locks, I feel a bit devastated.

The last book, “Machala” is for my paternal grandmother, Margaret, and her mother.  My grandmother is now 95 years old and still wept when we visited the grave of her mother, Anna, who was from Czechoslovakia.  The wonderful thing, I knew these women.  Again, so many hardships and yet so much strength.  


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